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Welcome to Gothic-Vampyre-Unity!

Let music and darkness unite us all...


Whether you are a just a Goth or/and a Vampyre or/and an Otherkin; What ever you may be this is the place for you. Whether Geek Goth, Vampyre Goth, Rivethead, Traditional Goth, Hippie Goth, Romantic Goth, Cyber Goth (Graver), Fetish Goth, J-Goth, Perky Goth, Mopey Goth, Emo Goth, Deathrocker, Baby Bat, Gothabilly, Cabaret Goth, Steampunk Goth, Faerie Goth, Tribal Goth, a mixture of several Goth labels, a hybrid or just curious as well as others who love Dark music and art in order to meet others of the Gothic lifestyle and/or community or those who are interested in dark culture etc => You are welcome here... 


If you enjoy dark culture, dark art, the obscure, Vampires, Sci-fi, Horror, cemeteries, Black comedy, the abnormal, etc. whether you consider your self Gothic or not you are welcome here regardless as long as you are open minded and excepting...


Vampyrian TempleUVUP Network

FaceBook Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OhioVOKGA/ 


The Rules are as follows and may change at any time: 

1. No disrespecting other members for any reason...

2. No discrimination of any type...

3. No Gothier than thou/Vampier than thou BS or superior attitudes are permitted...

4. The Organizers and moderators have final say but no one will be banned strait away unless they get the group kicked out of a place or commit a crime worthy of banishment and only the head organizer (JP Vanir) has final say in that... 

5. NO SPAM IS PERMITTED PERIOD Goths, Rivot heads, Vampires, Phreaks, and others who love Dark music and art to find others of the gothic and dark lifestyles and/or community or those who are interested in dark culture etc. 

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    Let the music and darkness unite us all

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